Plant Vs Zombie Glitch

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Plant Vs Zombie Glitch

Post by Darren on Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:54 pm

Pole Vaulting Zombie glitch

If a Pole Vaulting Zombie jumps over a plant with a Tall-nut behind it, it will crash into the Tall-nut and start eating it, despite the Tall-nut being behind the zombie. This occurs mostly when there is a ladder on the Tall-nut, the Pole Vaulting Zombie will climb over the ladder, try to jump over the next plant, but crash into the Tall-nut and have to go over the ladder again.

Jalapeno Zombie glitch

Proof of the floating glitch

This rarely happens, but this is how it works. If the Jalapeno Zombie is in the pool, and he explodes, he will only remove any Lily Pads or other aquatic plants; however, he will not destroy any plants that were planted on top of the Lily Pads.

Avoid Squash Zombies glitch

First, wait until a Squash Zombie is about at the middle of a square. Then, plant any type of plant (except for a Spikeweed or Spikerock) right in front of him. The head will jump, but he will miss the plant, equaling the Squash Zombie's suicide. This can be useful to protect other plants.

Whack a Zombie glitch

If one plants Grave Busters before any zombies come out on the final wave, no money bag appears and the player cannot complete the level. This glitch makes it impossible to win the mini-game without hacking. This does not occur in the GOTY PC version.

Zombiquarium glitch

Sometimes, in ZombiquariumSnorkel Zombies will not get hungry as often, or not at all. This makes it possible to win the game without buying a brain.

Ladder Zombie's arm glitch

Occasionally, Ladder Zombie's arm should fall off, but does not. He still shows the bone, and the arm. This gives the look as if the bone is sticking out of the arm.

Dolphin Rider Zombie glitch

When a plant is in the first space of the pool, and the Dolphin Rider Zombie appears, the Dolphin Rider Zombie will jump over this plant and will be eating the step in front of the Player's House.

Floating ladder glitch

Proof of the floating ladder glitch

If a ladder is on a plant and a Bungee Zombie steals it, the ladder will temporary be floating before disappearing.

I Don't Think That's How Physics Work...

A simple glitch that happens with Cattail's projectiles. If Cattail's projectiles are still on-screen when there are no Zombies left, they do, "interesting" things. More specifically, they keep moving in the same direction until going off-screen. They can go at varying speeds.


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